Why H2O Sanitizers?

The convenience of a one time use, untouched, hand sanitizers makes the entire experience comfortable. Use the packet for: gym, restaurants, social events, bars, children, restrooms, entrance & exits, food courts, work stations, schools, playgrounds, and a legal travel size makes for an easy to use product incorporated into your daily life. Sanitizer packets have become a necessity. Sanitize, refresh & clean.

Protecting you and
your loved ones

H2O Advanced sanitizer formula is FDA inspected / approved of several consumer products for over 30 years. We use 80% alcohol which is 10% more than the industry standard and meets the FDA recommendation. This is a testament to not only our quality assurance but in the quality of raw materials we use.

It is important to consider that H2O Sanitizer contracted manufacturer produced sanitizers well before Covid-19, and will be producing hand sanitizer long after Covid-19 has passed.